Izumo Tamatsukuri Onsen Matsuno-yu

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Tamatsukuri Onsen's History

Tamatsukuri Onsen's History

A book written 1,300 years ago describes Tamatsukuri Onsen as follows: "soak in the hot spring once, and your skin will return to youthfulness; soak in it a second time, and any ailments will be cured." People call the hot water of Tamatsukuri Onsen "the hot water of the gods" because they have never heard it to be ineffective.
Matsuno-yu is a traditional ryokan located in the Tamatsukuri Onsen district, which is renowned as the oldest hot spring in Japan.

  • Hot springs for beautiful skin

    Hot springs for beautiful skin

    Tamatsukuri Onsen, a hot spring that makes an appearance in the oldest book in Japan, is known as one of Japan's best hot springs for beautiful skin.
    The hot spring water of Tamatsukuri Onsen has an outstanding moisturizing effect, leaving the skin hydrated and supple. You will be able to feel the moisturizing effect for a long time after taking a bath.
    Relax and unwind from your travels in an open-air natural hot spring bath surrounded by a Japanese garden.

  • 6 types of rooms

    6 types of rooms

    Guests can choose from a total of 6 types of rooms, including a Japanese-style room with a mythical motif, a Japanese-style room for casual relaxation, and a Western-style twin room.
    The Panorama Suite Room, equipped with an open-air bath on a private terrace, offers an excellent view of the Tamatsukuri Onsen district.

  • Meals


    Buffet-style breakfast and dinner will be provided.
    The dinner buffet will include roast wagyu beef of a brand originating from Shimane Prefecture, tempura, and sushi.
    There is also a luxurious sashimi corner that includes red snow crabs from the Sea of Japan.
    The dinner buffet offers more than 40 gastronomical delights from the San'in region. The sweets corner, which is prepared by our resident pâtissier, is also popular with guests.

  • Facilities


    Why not wear a yukata of your choice and take a stroll through the hot spring district?
    Matsuno-yu also offers cross bikes of the bicycle brand "Giant" for rent.
    Guests can also enjoy billiards and darts at the night bar, which is themed around the concept of 1950s America.

Introducing multilingual tools

multilingual tools

Guests can obtain various information on your smartphones by simply scanning the QR code placed in the guest room, without having to download an app.

  • point 1Facility information is available in 109 languages

    Guests can check the facility guide and surrounding information in your native language.

  • point 2 Communication in your native language is possible

    If you have any questions, you can ask them in their native language.

  • point 3 Orders can be made in the guest's native language

    Additional dishes and drinks can be ordered in your native language.